Connect with company insiders willing to help

At karmaPond we believe that networking is the best way to find and do the work you love. We also believe that networking is really about personally connecting with and helping others. And one of the highest forms of help is a personal introduction to an individual you want to meet. Here are some popular introduction requests:

  • “I’m interested in a specific company but don’t have connections there. I’d like to talk with someone on the specific team at the company I care about so I can understand what it’s like working there.”
  • “I’m considering a career change and would like to speak with someone who knows this role to ensure it would be a good fit for me.”
  • “I need to ramp up quickly in a new area. I’d like to talk with an expert in this topic that I can learn from."

This is how the process works:

  1. Share your introduction request. karmaPond will anonymize it and share it with our community
  2. Members will help or forward your request to friends in their network who could
  3. When an individual offers to help, karmaPond introduces you both via email so you can connect in person (or now days video chat) and have a conversation about next steps
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Introduction request best practices

An introduction request is most successful when it is brief, specific and actionable. Keep it around 3-4 sentences that tell 1) who you are / your background, 2) what kind of work / role you are targeting and 3) your specific introduction request.

Does this really work? Yep. 90% of all karmaPond members requesting introductions are matched with others willing to help them. Some example successful help requests are below.

Member 1: Looking for someone who is currently or formerly PwC who can spare 5 or 10 minutes to speak about their experiences, draws, or drawbacks (if any). 14 years of tech integration management for government and nonprofit and now am considering PwC. Thanks.

Member 2: I have 12+ years in product line management with semiconductors, embedded systems and computers. I’ve worked with companies including Motorola, Microchip Technology and Dell. I took a couple of years to help a family business grow and would like to get back into hi-tech. I would appreciate introductions to VPs or exec directors at NXP, Ultra Clean Technologies or ARM.

Member 3: I'm a designer with 10 years industry eperience but believes strongly that you're never too old to have a mentor. For the past five years, my work has focused on creating beautiful and effective websites for small businesses. I want to grow and need some critique. If you're a Creative Director (or similar) and enjoy mentoring, I'd love to talk with you.