Help others. And get help when you need it too.

Here's how to pay it forward with others and help yourself through karmaPond:



  1. karmaPond will share when other members need introductions to company insiders
  2. If you can help, let us know and we’ll connect you. If not, just share the request to friends in your network who could. If your friends can help, we’ll make the connection
  3. Don’t forget - you can also ask for introductions to company insiders

Share career opportunities

  1. karmaPond will send you career opportunities that you can forward to friends who could be a great fit or who may know others who would be
  2. Insider opportunities are from karmaPond members willing to be inside advocates and help you through their hiring process
  3. Sponsored opportunities provide a referral bonus for the last two people who connect the person hired with their dream job

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