Opportunities to share

Do you know someone who’d be great for one of the jobs listed below? Here’s your chance to pay it forward by sharing it with them. Of course, you can apply yourself too.

Don’t know someone yourself? That’s ok. Forward this to a few friends in your network who might know a great fit and help them to help a friend.

Insider jobs come from karmPond members who share career opportunities where they work. They are also willing to be internal advocates for qualified candidates and help them navigate their company’s hiring process.

Sponsored jobs come from local companies with live career opportunities they need to fill immediately. The last two people in the chain forwarding the sponsored job to the one who is hired decide whether their $500 referral thank you goes to them or a local charity.*

Title Type Location
Senior Full-stack Developer Insider Austin, TX Share

*Sponsored jobs must be shared via karmaPond.com to be guaranteed the earned referral thank you.